3D Holographic Lenticular Business Cards

Cutting Edge Designs now offers custom 3D, holographic or lenticular business card printing, allowing for amazing special effects including 3D business cards with many virtual layers of depth, animated business cards that can show a full range of complex animations through a flip of the card, morphing & other astounding effects.

If you want something very special to advertise your company, and want to stand completely apart from your competition’s plain-jane cards, our 3D business cards are for you. These are for the discriminating business who really want something special to put out in the marketplace. If you are interested in our most affordable lenticular solution, please see our Discount FLIP Business Cards.

We now offer the unbelievable deal of 1000 2 sided, full color, lenticular flip effect business cards with free graphic design for just $800!

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The future of business cards is now.

We offer 1000 state-of-the-art 3D flip full color business cards including graphic design, animation & all lenticular set-up costs for just $700. Or choose 5000 3D business cards starting at just $.24 per card ($1200 total). These are cards that your customers will never throw away & will in fact show off to others for the amazing effects & attractiveness of your 3D business cards. Please contact us for more information on 3D business card printing.

NOTE: We also now offer an accurate high-res “try before you buy” sample of your custom lenticular cards (includes layout & design) for only $300!

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Cutting Edge Designs is located in Los Angeles, CA. In addition, we have printing facilities in Florida, Ohio, Illinois, Texas and New Jersey for fast shipments to the United States and Canada! We look forward to assisting you with all of your lenticular business card printing needs. Contact us today!

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